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MMM 2012 Mavrodi Money Machine: Introduction to the System

Welcome to Our Website! Thanks for your visit to Our Website MMM 2012 Mavrodi Money Machine!

mmm 2012

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MMM in our lexicon stands for ‘Mavrodi Money Machine’, or ‘Mavrodi Mondial Moneybox’ (MMM 2012 INDIA motto), or ‘Marvelous Money Movement’ (my own words). The Russians have other variations of MMM, but by translating from russian to english, russian variations do not transform into the same english MMM! After translation into english, Russian MMM mottos mean either ‘We Can Much’ or ‘We Change the World’!

MMM 2012 is an entirely new financial project launched by Sergey Mavrodi in June of 2012. This project offers great opportunities for moneymakers. Mutual financial help is the core principle of the MMM 2012 System. People from around the world can use MMM 2012 as their own social financial network that expands on a daily basis like the great social network Facebook. MMM 2012 is a great replenishment tool for family or personal purposes. In MMM 2012, people interact with each other as well as help each other by making payments to each other. As the main MMM 2012 principle sounds, you help someone today – you will be helped out tomorrow by others! That is what makes the system unique and easy in use. Your money is completely under your control.

Are you satisfied with your life standard and your current bank deposits that offer from 5 up to 20% a year? Do you know the real secrets of bankers that make more money out of your pockets?

mmm 2012

Do you want them buy over expensive villas on top beach resorts in the world? Will you let them buy a third Ferrari in a row or a private plane at the cost of your money you deposit to their banks? Well, you may know this truth already or not. The idea is, you better invest this money in MMM 2012, and this way you will be able to help another social categories of people such as disabled, pensioners, citizens like you, the poor… YEAH, they really need your help! And they will help you when you need their help!

MMM 2012 Mavrodi Money Machine: How the System Works?

Suddenly, you are not familiar with the principles of operation and interaction with other MMM 2012 participants – well, do not worry and sit back to relax. I am here to do my best to clarify everything and give helpful information to you stage by stage!

The operation principle is incredibly simple and how it works… You deposit any amount of investment you would like to make. The amount depends on your choice. Let’s say, you make an investment of $3,000. The first thing you should do is, you purchase virtual currency called ‘MAVRO’ or virtual conventional unit ‘MAVRO’, which has its own rate (rate changes occur twice per a week, on Tuesday and Thursday, as usually always it increases). Perhaps, you know what the ‘buy’ and ‘sell’ buttons on Forex market mean. The same applies to buying and selling MAVRO. Like on the Forex market, the difference between ‘buy MAVRO’ and ‘sell MAVRO’ rates is called ‘spread’ or ‘bid-ask spread’ too.

This currency is good for its ‘rates’ that vary from 30% up to 55% per month. It depends on the MAVRO type you choose when you open your deposit. Your investment of $3,000 will net $900 of profit per month if you choose the MAVRO type – M30 (30% per month). Or it will yield $8,172 of profit in 3 months if you choose M55 (55% per month if you choose to run your investment for 3 months term without any withdrawals prior to the end of this term). MMM 2012 offers other investment terms and MAVRO types too.

MMM 2012 Mavrodi Money Machine: Investment Plans

  • Investment for a month term: M30 (30% per month; you may withdraw your profit on any day you like);
  • For 3 months term: M40 (40% per month; you may withdraw your profit prior to the end of the term) or M55 (55% per month; you are not permitted to withdraw prior to the end of the term, or else you will get back your investment without any profit).

You may sell the currency at a new and higher rate at any moment you like. Thus, your income is what adds up to your initial deposit on a monthly basis, or a quarterly basis, or a yearly basis. What you withdraw from your deposit is called ‘mutual financial help’. You request a certain amount of money you need, and you send your request to the system. Your request will be processed by an operator, and then somebody will help you out by making payment onto your bank account!

Do you doubt whether to join MMM 2012 or not? To dispel doubts, you can view live testimonials about the payouts on the oficial website MMM 2012 in the ‘Testimonials’ section. It stays updated each day. New testimonials keep coming to this section on a daily basis. They are all in russian. Russian-english translator will be of great help to you! You see many thanks from different people from different countries. It tells you that the system works really well. We are almost 40 million in the system. In the future, hundreds of millions will join MMM 2012. We miss you, and you are welcome to join our growing social financial network!

MMM in Thailand (Thai Version)

MMM 2012 Mavrodi Money Machine is a Non-HYIP program

Did you participate in any HYIP investment program earlier? Me too. I do not lie. I remember the times of great HYIPs like Online Capital, A3 Union and the like. I lost lots of money and got ripped off many times… Yeah, I was frustrated and broke guy. Perhaps, you are not alone. The truth is, money in HYIP programs is centered around one person (all the money goes to his e-wallet) and is completely under control of this person. That is why he can run away with the money of the investors at the moment when he stops running his HYIP program. This is not the case of MMM 2012. No one can collect all the money of the MMM 2012 participants in one place and run away with it… The money is completely under control of each MMM 2012 participant. Each participant can keep his money on his bank account and, more surprisingly, accept trust money from other participants for distribution purposes… That is what makes the MMM 2012 Mavrodi Money Machine invulnerable and reliable system with the highest degree of protection.

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